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The history of the establishment of Saleh Almudayfer Sons Holding Group dates back to the sixties of the last century AD, when Sheikh Saleh Almudayfer, may Allah have mercy on him, established his first business in trade and services in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia and by 1962, his business successfully expanded in the field of investments in building materials, and one of his most notable achievements was the establishment of Alomraniah trading industry contracting


Saleh Almudayfer Sons Holding Group has maintained its prosperity throughout the economic and industrial era of the country, and over the decades has achieved many outstanding achievements.
Saleh Almudayfer Sons Holding Investment Group has become one of the first companies to provide integrated services and supply of building materials to the local markets. At present, Saleh Al Mudayfer Sons Holding Group is considered the preferred investment for the local and international markets due to the diversity of its industrial operations and business interests. Today, the legacy of the Founding Father, which dates back more than half a century, has turned into a holding company that gains its strength from the diversity of its investments, devotes its efforts to achieving excellence for its customers, providing high-quality products and is an effective partner in building the homeland

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    To keep pace with the continuous development process and embrace the horizon with a pivotal and essential role in leading investment and creating an authentic Saudi model for success.

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    To Enhancement our services and products and providing an integrated experience to our customers that does not lack experience or insight in accordance with the best international and local strategies and methodologies

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