The launch of the new logos

  • New Logos

The selection of the new logos of the Group’s companies reflects and enhances the confidence and reputation gained by our esteemed customers throughout our service to them for more than half a century throughout the Kingdom.

  • Our March

By the grace of allah and then the unlimited support of our wise government, the Saleh Al-Mudayfer Son’s  Holding Company is following in the footsteps set by its founder – Sheikh Saleh Al-Mudayfer,
Complemented by the vision of His Excellency Sheikh Abdullah Bin Saleh Al-Mudayfer and Vice-Chairman Sheikh Mohammed Bin Saleh Al-Mudayfer, the Chairman of the Board of Directors, who has continued to invest in various fields, building on her long-standing experience, meeting the requirements of the market in our beloved Kingdom.

  • Keeping up with Vision 2030

In line with the vision of our Kingdom (2030), we have worked to convey our expertise to others who are willing to develop, embrace constructive new ideas, and give opportunities to ambitious young men and women of our homeland
The result was that we had a combination of quality and experience, continuous growth, and a rapid response to all external variables to get the best results.

  • Ambition

Our company aspires to be the first and main reference in the quality of services and products provided by its companies locally and regionally, and to be one of the impactful gears in our kingdom’s economy for sustainable development.

  • imprint

Our keenness to apply the highest standards of quality is one of the secrets of our success and superiority in the market of our Kingdom in various activities and fields.

Our quality is the source of our pride and a reason for your confidence

We have taken it upon ourselves since its inception to have our motto of credibility and our title of honesty and to deliver a national product with high efficiency.

  • Our Message

Dear partners: We continue to provide services with global specifications, complementing our march with new logos to realize your ambitions for a promising future.